Monday, September 24, 2012

Today's The Day!

This is actually a print from an Etsy store.
Credit where credit is due!
Well hello, folks, and welcome to Loading Checkpoint! As my note a few weeks ago alluded, things are getting started on the blog once again -- and today is the day.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we are planning on bringing you a number of different articles. We have a number of previews for upcoming titles, as well as a few Let's Play series, written and otherwise, to entertain you! We also have a series that shines a spotlight on some indie titles that we are excited to support, and we even have a few videos in the works -- stay tuned for those! (And, as a bit of a happy bonus, I just yesterday was given access to the PlanetSide 2 beta, so keep an eye out for my coverage of that game!)

As blogs, by their nature, are largely run by personal interest, the games that we plan on showcasing are ones that we are truly excited for: whether big-budget titles from major publishers, or indie titles that capture our interest, all of the stuff showcased on Loading Checkpoint will be stuff that we are excited to get our hands on and play. As gamers ourselves, we want to appeal to other gamers; what better way to do that than by talking about the games that we want to play?

We're planning on posting at least twice a week, with more content coming to the blog as we are able to churn it out. We here at Loading Checkpoint take this project very seriously and we hope that it comes across in the content we publish for you to read! So stay tuned: things are only just getting started!

- Nick J.

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