Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Beginnings

Hello Blogiverse! Any of you familiar with the old Loading Checkpoint may notice that things are looking different. For one, the layout has completely changed; for another, all of the past entries have been removed. What's going on?

The answer to that is quite simple: after spending some time settling into my new apartment, after spending some time working for a living, and after some soul-searching, I've decided to give this blog another shot. And this time I'm not alone.

The small group of us have grand aspirations for Loading Checkpoint, ideas that I'm sure will not pan out for some months, if not longer. For the time being, however, we're going to be starting small. We've got some previews of upcoming games in the works, as well as some opinion pieces and even some videos!

We don't have a set schedule, and things probably won't get started for a few weeks yet, but we are excited to get out there and show you what we've come up with. So keep an eye on us over the next few weeks: things are just getting started again for Loading Checkpoint!

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