Friday, May 2, 2014

The Channel Update

Hey everyone. There's no video today -- I had some technical difficulties on this end with new footage, unfortunately -- so instead I offer you a quick review of the channel thus far, and a little update of what else is coming in the future.

In Review

To start let's take a quick look back at the channel thus far. I originally claimed the channel name back in of June 2011 -- yeah, that long ago -- but it took me until March of this year to actually upload any videos. It was a long and arduous process (mostly of laziness) to get it done but I'm glad that I finally committed to the task because it's been really fun thus far and I hope that people have been enjoying it!

It's been almost two full months since the channel started -- next Friday will be that anniversary -- and so far we've uploaded:

Bringing us to a total of 24 videos in total. So far the most popular video has been my first episode of Sir, You Are Being Hunted, with Episode 2 and 3 following closely behind. We are sitting at 340 total views over all the videos and have actually reached 10 subscribers! Double digits, whoo!

I hope that the people who have been watching are enjoying the content thus far. It's been a blast to record and edit all of my videos and I really appreciate every single view on the channel. It was nice to see a few comments from other YouTubers -- some really nice folks have stopped by to watch stuff on the channel, like Morgan from TheDynamicGamer87, and the guy behind the channel ProphetsAwaken -- and the support from all of my friends has been really great! 

Also, a big shout-out to my good friend David and his channel Midnight Marinara, which takes scary stories and converts them to radio plays -- he's been a really big help with insight about the YouTube scene and I'm glad that he's been there with advice on different stuff. I had the honour of being in two of his episodes ("Daycare" as the mysterious stranger, and "The Russian Sleep Experiment" as Subject C; I'm two for two as bad guys!) and I hope I'm able to take part in more in the future! Recording audio for an old school radio play is an interesting and demanding process, to be sure, but it's hella entertaining. I'd definitely recommend checking out the rest of the material on Midnight Marinara -- David has very high standards for quality and the voice actors he gets are all excellent. Each episode is better than the last so get on board now and help him out!

But enough about the now! Let's look to... THE FUTURE!

Tomorrow and Beyond

In incredibly exciting news, the PS4 has finally received the firmware update that removes HDCP from the output signals. This means that video capture is now possible and, in preparation of this, I have ordered an Elgato HD Capture Device in order to get some PS4 content on the channel! I'm hoping that the device will arrive this afternoon so I will be able to record some content over the weekend.

There's quite a number of exciting games already on the PS4 that I would like to record, with even more coming in the near future! The horror game Daylight was released this past week, so I am planning on recording that for the channel. If I can figure out how to properly capture video with my new webcam, I might even throw in some facecam footage.

Further in the future, the game Transistor is going to be released shortly and I hope to record that as well. Watch_Dogs is out at the end of May as well, and Destiny comes in September, so there's plenty of awesomeness to be recorded on PS4 in the coming months. 

More presently, though, I have an idea for a very special series that I can hopefully make work for next week! So keep an eye on the channel and I'll be sure to post any updates here on the blog.

If there is any particular content that anyone would like to see from Loading Checkpoint, just drop me a comment or something and I'll definitely take it into consideration.

So Much Appreciation!

I want to reiterate my appreciation for all of the support I've received for the channel. It's been a great process so far and I'm excited for what the future holds. Thanks again to everyone who has watched the videos, or even those who are just supporting me from afar -- all of the support, every little bit of it, means so much to me and it really helps encourage me to continue making more content!

I started a Facebook page and a Google+ page for Loading Checkpoint, if you would be interested in following me. I update them with both YouTube videos and the blog posts here, including my RPG stuff (more of which will be coming next week), so you should take a gander over there sometime!

Thanks one last time and we'll see you again very soon! Cheers!

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