Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hi all! Hope your November has been a good one thus far!

I just wanted to leave a quick note for all of our beloved readers: next week will be a slower week here at Loading Checkpoint. I am heading on vacation with my lovely lady Kaitlyn -- we are going to Cabo San Lucas; yes, I know you're all jealous -- so we will not be updating the blog throughout the week. I will try to get some posts ready to be published while we are gone but, if that does not pan out, we will resume regular publishing the week of November 26th!

In other news, I have finished the campaign for Halo 4 -- with which I was thoroughly impressed -- and have started watching Dallas play through Black Ops 2. While I still have issues with the factory built around the Call of Duty franchise, the game itself looks quite entertaining and features some really excellent set pieces (not to mention really cool gadgets and weapons)!

I was extremely impressed with the "Access Kit" feature; every mission, you choose the loadout you bring into combat, much like in multiplayer. One of the perks you can use is an Access Kit which allows you to access parts of the map you would not be able to otherwise. The first mission utilized this by allowing you to unlock a storage shed, inside which was a sniper rifle and bear traps, both of which proved very useful as the rest of the mission progressed. Using an Access Kit in the third mission gives you a sword just after the opening scene, and mortar rounds to use as grenades later on. It's a very interesting way to augment the gameplay as you progress through the levels, though part of me wonders why anyone would use any perks other than the Access Kit!

I'm also very close to finishing Assassin's Creed III and, I must reiterate, this game is phenomenal. I am a little disappointed by the character development on the part of Connor but I am really enjoying the setting and the landscapes, and most of the other characters are also very entertaining and involved. My only real complaint is that the game features Achievements/Trophies that are only unlockable in multiplayer. Considering I don't play much multiplayer, this means that the prospect of getting a Platinum Trophy for ACIII is slim to none. Not that this detracts from the game itself, I'm just sore because I love the game so much.

What are your thoughts on multiplayer-only achievements? And what have you been playing lately?

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