Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Monthly Wrap-Up!

Welcome to our Monthly Review, wherein we will look back at the month that just passed, showcase some of the articles that we published, and talk about what our gaming experiences were like during the month. And, without further ado, away we go:

Top Articles for October

Given we're just a small blog and we are only just getting started, we still managed to record somewhere around 500 page views in our first month, a number I am not disappointed with. Our preview for Dishonored reached almost 100 views by itself, with a few other articles raking in just under 50 each. Here are our top four articles for the month of October:

Preview: Dishonored

Check out the full preview.
"Let's recap: Dishonored has won all of the important awards at all of the trade shows it has appeared at in the last two years. The setting has been developed for at least three full years, ensuring a fully realized world to be experienced. The gameplay offers endless possibilities and combinations of powers in an effort to give players true freedom in-game, whether you want to be lethal or non-lethal. The cast and composer are a dream team of hand-picked Hollywood talent. Some are already projecting it as the game of the year -- and, yes, that is compared to stuff like Assassin's Creed III, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Mass Effect 3 and others.

This is a game you should care about."

Preview: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Check out the full preview.
"The 2010 reboot was a huge stepping stone for the series; not only did the studio prove that they could still make a great shooter, it was proof that the Medal of Honor series was still alive -- and better than ever. For all the importance of the 2010 game, however, Warfighter will be where Danger Close has a chance to solidify their place in the market once again; with huge blockbusters like Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 having been released last year, and with Black Ops 2 being released later in November, Warfighter needs to succeed in order to show the industry that Medal of Honor is not a thing of the past."

Preview: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Check out the full preview.
"A reboot of a classic and much-beloved series is something to pay attention to, if only to see how the veteran fans react. Beyond that, Enemy Unknown looks to be a very interesting and well-executed strategy game, something that the industry has been seriously lacking in recent months. I’m also a big sucker for science fiction, especially if it pits humans as the underdog in a battle for Earth (thank you SG-1), and Enemy Unknown veers away from the sci-fi tropes inundating the video game industry these days."

Staff Review

At the beginning of October, each of our staff picked their most anticipated titles for the month; now that October has come and gone, it's time to touch base with each of them and see if their original picks matched their experiences for the month.
Nick R.'s October Review: "At the beginning of the month I was looking forward to Resident Evil 6 the most. The reviews were mixed but ultimately it met my expectations and I had a great time with it. But there was only one game that exceeded my expectations and that was Borderlands 2. It has the familiar gameplay that is fun and addictive, but it’s the humour that keeps me coming back. It feels like I laugh at just about every line the characters say. I can almost guarantee that in every session I play, I’ll have at least one moment where I laugh out loud. Borderlands 2 surprised me with how fun and addictive it is and is my winner of October 2012." (Ed. Note - Even though Borderlands technically came out in September, I'll let this one slide, simply because none of the Loading Checkpoint staff got into it before October. And I am still regretting that decision.)
Nick J.'s October Review: "Up until the end of the month, I was certain that my original belief was proven correct; XCOM was my most anticipated title for October and it didn't disappoint, proving to be one of the best games I've ever played. And yes, I mean ever. That being said, I had a waver of doubt when I started playing Assassin's Creed III; I remember going on about how I so immensely enjoyed Assassin's Creed II and how I hoped ACIII would prove to be the true successor to the throne built by ACII. Thus far, I have to say, I have not been disappointed; the world is beautifully rendered and the gameplay is fantastic, and the term "Game of the Year" has definitely crossed my mind more than once.
Despite that waver, however, nothing can top XCOM -- the strategy, the tactics, the emotion and fear so tightly woven into the fabric of the game. Nothing quite evokes a feeling of appreciation for a game like a good session of XCOM. For that reason, I say XCOM gets my vote for best of October 2012."
Kaitlyn P.'s October Review: "Despite the fact that multiple games came out in October, I spent the month alternating between The Sims 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic. I would have to say that SWTOR probably is, and will remain for the next few months, my favourite game. I become quite engrossed in my character, and the story is always sweeping and engaging. My pick for October 2012 is SWTOR!" (Ed. Note - Again, wasn't released in October, but as an MMO it is constantly being updated, so I'll let it slide as well.)

Dallas H.'s October Review: "Out of all the games that came out last month, I'd have to say that XCOM won it for me. Although I was most excited for Resident Evil 6, XCOM won me over; it is a great strategy game with excellent customization, something that I really enjoy. Every time one of my customized characters gets torn apart by an Elite Muton Brute, I cry a little. (Okay, a lot!)
I have found myself on several missions where I felt the game was out to kill every soldier I brought, no matter what I did to stop it, but I always loved the feeling I got after completing one of those impossible situations. For that reason, XCOM gets my trophy for best game of the month for October 2012!" 
And that's our Monthly Wrap-Up for October! Do you agree with our picks? What did you play throughout October?

Stay tuned later today to see our Monthly Round-Up for November! Exciting things await for the month ahead!

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