Friday, November 9, 2012

Indie Spotlight: Interstellar Marines Update!

A little over a month ago, we did an spotlight on Interstellar Marines, a game featured on Steam Greenlight looking for approval to be added to the Steam catalog. Since then, a second round of projects have been announced as Greenlit -- sadly, Interstellar Marines was not one of them.

But fear not, sci-fi fans! There's still a way to support the Zero Point Software team and get Interstellar Marines out of development and onto your computer! Recently, a Kickstarter campaign was started for IM, trying to earn enough money to make the vision a reality and bring the fans some Aliens-esque co-op action. Now, admittedly, the developers have set an incredibly lofty goal of $600,000 to fully back the project -- something even I believe may be a bit of a stretch -- but the project still has tons of potential and could certainly become something amazing if they reach their projected goal.

If you want to back this title -- I definitely pledged a considerable amount to their cause -- don't be intimidated by the remaining total to be filled. Every little bit counts and I'm sure the guys at ZPS would really appreciate the support! With only 18 days, they certainly have a long way to go!

Check out their Kickstarter page here and check it out! From what they've shown us so far, Interstellar Marines looks like a fantastic project that definitely deserves to be developed fully. Make it happen!

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