Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Hello dear readers, and happy Halloween!

Our blog has been a bit empty this week but fear not! We have a preview of the much-anticipated Halo 4 coming soon and much more approaching in the following weeks! I want to make a big push and start getting video content produced to put on the blog but that requires some scheduling and some gathering of minds. Expect those in short order, most assuredly, and we apologize for the lack of updates.

On to better things: while I was fairly sure that the Game of the Year battle would be fought solely between Dishonored and XCOM, Assassin's Creed III has already made a huge impression on me. I picked it up yesterday and started playing it, and was immediately drawn into the world. It is giving me an experience I have not had since Assassin's Creed II, which is exactly what I was hoping for. I will be writing up a review in very short order but, if the game continues in this same fashion, I imagine it will be a top contender for Game of the Year.

In other news, Lucasfilms was just acquired by Disney, with three more Star Wars movies promised to come in the near future. So mark your calendars, Star Wars fans; we may get a proper modern Star Wars movie yet!

Also exciting, Skyfall is being released very soon! Anyone else excited for some more James Bond action? Because I know I am!

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